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Golden Spiral

This seed was made to accompany our contribution to the book: Golden Meaning – Fifty-five graphic experiments.


The connections between the golden ratio, Fibonacci numbers and the mesmerising patterns found in the head of the sunflower are fascinating. Our contribution pulls these elements together to highlight this magical sequence of numbers and their connection with growth, beauty and efficiency in nature.


The golden angle (137.5°) is derived from the golden ratio and is responsible for the most compact arrangement of seeds in a sunflower head possible.


We found it intriguing that manipulating the golden angle by as little as 0.1° has a significant effect on both the aesthetics and efficiency of the seed layout. Our visualisation explores the visual impact of changing this angle.


Our layout illustrates the distribution of seeds inside a sunflower head moving from rigid and inefficient formations to a beautifully elegant arrangement.



Date created

Matt Rice
Christoph Lorenzi


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